Garden Maintenance                  Wonderful Gardens 

At the end of a hard week many people find the nature of pottering around in the garden therapeutic, however at times the tasks we do not enjoy can become tiresome. You could find yourself spending more time maintaining your garden than you do actually relaxing in it. Therefore, we are here to offer a wide range of garden maintenance services and with Wonderful Gardens, our team of expert horticulturalists and gardeners will help you and ensure your garden is looking its best, all year round. Our comprehensive gardening service includes everything from simple lawn mowing through to pond maintenance. We are equipped to handle all sizes of garden, from small town gardens to country estates. Therefore, if maintaining your garden is getting the better of your weekends or you simply do not have the time, then we are here to help. We are here to help.

Are you struggling to fill those gaps in your planting? As part of our maintenance programme, we offer expert advice and planting and a complete analysis of your soil to establish the right plant for the rights soil and location. We source our plants and trees from quality-grown at locally sourced nurseries; we look at quality rather than quantity. Call us on 0800 881 5264.

Reliability & Reputation 

We take boundless pride in all the gardens we care for and maintain as if they were our own. They are a living representation of our dedication to you. We pride ourselves on going the little bit further to ensure you receive our personal care in which you can trust Our recommendations is a testament to this service and as you would expect the gardens we manage are maintained by qualified horticulturalists to high standards such as RHS levels. With many of our customers they only fully appreciate the garden at the weekend, therefore high inputs during the week into your retreat is why they rely on us to ensure the garden is maintained expertly – that is why they choose Wonderful Gardens

Garden Maintenance - Tailored to your needs

Garden maintenance is a tailored service to meet your needs and that of your garden. Our team will draw up a programme most suitable to your requirements that our qualified horticulturalists will implement a yearly or one off programme in line with your requirements. The garden maintenance programme will provide all the details of what we will cover, the items we will use and the amount of time we will spend in the garden as you expect from specialised gardeners. The team allocated to you garden will be with you throughout the course of the year and this allows you build a relationship with them and understand thoroughly the touches needed in your garden. Each week we will monitor special requirements and advise you of upcoming tasks we will be undertaking, such as pruning and spraying.