Garden Renovations Autumn 2018


Start Renovating Your Garden Now

Autumn is the perfect time to inject some passion back into your garden and with our team of professional horticulturists and designers we can breathe life back into plants, borders, lawns and bring some inspired solutions to make you fall in love with your garden all over again. Gardens can often become tired after a long hot summer, and at this time of year we can create new planting schemes, renovate tired areas of the garden that may have become overgrown over the last few months


Guided Advice 

We offer a variety of restoration services that include planting schemes from herbaceous borders to new specimen trees and hedging. In addition, we pride ourselves on our expert rose knowledge, having restored many formal roses gardens in the last few years. We will also guide you through the best practices to ensure your garden is restored as you expect, which may include soil conditioners and soil structure improvements, look at choosing the right plants for the right place and discussing at the overall needs to deliver a garden restoration programme that will bring your garden back to life and allow us to prepare for the winter and next spring.

Professional Horticulturists 

The love of gardening is a passion, although finding professional horticulturists can be a test of spirits. We pride ourselves that every one of our team is a professional, qualified and experienced horticulturist and with years of knowledge that we are more than happy to share with our clients.  We are passionate about gardens and our passion for your garden will be individual and focused on your needs and that of your garden to ensure we undertake not only our recommendations, but the tasks you are unsure about. We are diverse, holistic and uniquely placed to understand your garden and better able to assist in all things horticultural. 


'My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece'. Claude Monet

Garden Maintenance - Your Garden, Our Passion

We take boundless pride in every one of the gardens we care for  and they are maintained as if they were our own. We pride ourselves in going just a little bit further to ensure you receive our personal care. Our recommendations are a testament to our garden maintenance service.

Many of our customers only fully appreciate their gardens at the weekend; therefore, we are here to help and  maintain your garden, allowing you to retreat and enjoy the peace and beauty of a well-maintained garden every weekend, let us ensure every detail is covered.

Like our homes our gardens require even the simplest of maintenance, although they often need greater efforts because they are a living  environment and evolve every week, month and year. Many of us look at garden maintenance as a chore, though some will feel invigorated after a day pulling weeds, digging borders, cutting hedges and mowing the lawn. However, there are always times when our lives become too busy and we find ourselves toiling away rather than relaxing and enjoying our gardens, and this is when we can help.

The goal of a garden is to create a place of harmony within our homes and Wonderful Gardens can help manage, develop and continue to inspire your vision


Regular Garden Maintenance

The amount of time we spend in your garden starts with a minimum of eight hours at any one time, however we would be happy to talk to you about your individual requirements. We can undertake maintenance as often or as little as required whether this is once a week or once a month, or even seasonally to undertake a garden tidy. We also invoice monthly and spread your payments across the course of the year, and each month you will receive a personal monthly report on what we have undertaken and time spent in your garden. 

Our team of professionally trained horticulturists are reliable, dedicated and will bring harmony to your garden and home. We offer a comprehensive range of services by way of scheduled visits or a one off garden tidy that allows you to have control and manage the time we dedicate to maintaining your garden.

Gardening Programme

Whatever your need and no matter how often you would like to engage Wonderful Gardens, we can create a maintenance programme dedicated to you and your garden. Every garden will need a higher degree of maintenance from March to October and less so in the winter months, although there is always plenty to do when the garden is at rest. Therefore, we will spread the costs over the course of the year, which allows you to manage the cost each month and know the garden will be maintained beyond your expectation. If you need garden maintenance, we are here to provide professional garden services.

Gardening Services - Shrub & Plant Care

Shrub & plant care, pruning, rose pruning, feeding plants, planting, shrub and seasonal bedding supply, border management, disease and pest identification and control, weeding and weed control, mulching with soil conditioners, bark and organic green compost.  

Gardening Services - Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care

Grass cutting, spring, summer and autumn lawn fertilising, scarifying, broad leaf weed control, hollow tine aeration, moss control and top dressing.


Gardening Services - Hedge Cutting & Topiray 

Hedge cutting, hedge planting, thinning, feeding, mulching. Topiary pruning, care, feeding, trimming, planting and topiary plant supply. 


Gardening Services - General Gardening & Tidying

Moss, mould and algae control on patios, decking and hard surfaces, pond maintenance,  hard surface cleaning, patio sealing, frame works for climbing plants, training climbers, edging, & soil improvements.  

The Colours of a Late Autumn


'Winter is an etching, spring a watercolour, summer an oil 

painting and autumn is a mosaic of them all.'

Stanley Horowitz

Garden Maintenance - Our Team


We are dedicated and we are passionate about gardens. This is reflected in our team of professional gardeners and horticulturists.  Our team are qualified to RHS standards or equivalent and we continue training and development with further skills and knowledge. And, we only employ people with these qualifications and attributes, but more important than that is they have an absloute love of gardening.

Garden Maintenance - Our Rates

Our rates vary, and it is important for us to ensure the service you receive is never undersold and that your garden is never under maintained. Our hourly rates start at £28.00 per team member based on an eight hour day. We offer four hours starting at £30.00 per hour. You only pay for the hours completed in your garden, you don't pay for travel.

Every quotation is transparent and prepared individually, bespoke to your garden and your needs. Quality over cost. 

Garden Maintenance - Throughout Kent, East Sussex & Surrey