Landscaping, Landscape Construction &  Landscape Gardening


Landscaping is the art of creating, constructing and building gardens and landscapes after the design has been established and approved.  Our highly skilled, dedicated and professional team of landscape gardeners implement the design in a robust and methodical way that ensures your garden or landscaping project is built to exacting standards We pride ourselves on not only designing your garden, but delivering unique gardens through our specialised landscapers.

We can provide individual landscaping elements that perhaps do not always require a design, which can include garden restoration or garden makeovers, planting, individual tasks where perhaps a patio or terrace requires remedial work or basic landscaping requirements such as turfing or seeding. 

Every garden differs and every project is unique, and every garden throughout the region has a soil type that can change from loam to sand to clay to chalk, therefore each landscaping team will undertake the work in different ways depending on the complexities of the project. Although every landscaping project different, there are several principles our landscape gardeners and designers follow, which include scale, balance and unity, emphasis, texture and sequence through to line, form and colour. Each principle is interconnected with the other and our landscape gardeners understand the methodology and apply this to develop your garden into an outdoor living space that entices the senses. 

"The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration." 

Claude Monet 

Landscape Construction & Build 

Garden & Landscape Construction when undertaken by our landscape gardening professionals will be constructed to the very highest standards, and as with every house or building constructed, the foundations to our gardens are built to exacting engineering standards that will ensure your dream garden lasts for years to come. Often what is not seen can be the costliest aspect of a garden as no matter whether you are opting for porcelain tiles or traditional sandstone, the foundations must be constructed in the same way. With every project we design we supply construction drawings if we are appointed the main contractor at no additional cost, this demonstrates how the more integral elements of the landscape build phase are pulled together and allows you to see the depth of the work involved in the construction of your garden.

Garden & Landscape Restoration

Garden restoration is a multifaceted headline that hides an enormity of different garden restoring aspects, which include the introduction of additional planting with creative planting plans and removing old spent trees and shrubs. Restoring patios or terraces where the elements have lifted paving slabs, cracked pointing and made for an unsightly sitting or dining area, or perhaps even become dangerous. Restoring Decking that has been constructed from softwood can deteriorate in our climate within a few years, so you may consider having this restored and replaced with a hardwood decking or red cedar, which will lift your outdoor living area considerably and give you decades of wonderful days and evenings in your garden .


Entice Your Senses Within Your Garden

Gardens are about senses. Every garden should encompass each of the five senses, allowing you to explore with sight, sound, touch and taste. Gardens also provide therapy for a wide range of conditions. Sufferers of dementia find reduced anxiety in a garden with sensory themes by stimulating the lymphatic system within the brain. This can be achieved through smelling flowers and seeing vivid colours, experiencing sounds such as birds, bees and water as well as touch through the use of a variety of textures. Sensory gardens are hugely beneficial to people with a wide range of needs such as sufferers of ADHD, ODD, dementia, brain trauma, autism and the elderly.

"We are able to draw on years of experince"

We  offer a one hour  free consultation  that  includes a face-to-face meeting to discuss  what you are  looking to achieve,  the ideas and thoughts of how the garden will look and be implemented.  We follow this by a detailed quotation and mood board of associated images that are representative of the proposed garden changes.

We would be absolutely delighted to talk to you and see how we can transform your garden. In the meantime please take a look at some of our other services, Landscape & Garden Design and  Garden Maintenance.