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Landscaping is the art of creating, constructing and building wonderful gardens and landscapes. Landscape gardeners are highly skilled in creating, defining and developing your garden by aligning the shape, materials, trees, lighting, features and plants to turn vision into reality.  The expertise of professional landscape contractors is required to ensure the attention to detail is followed. Our team of landscape gardeners implement each design in a robust and methodical way that ensures your landscape garden project is constructed to exacting standards. We pride ourselves on not only designing your garden but on delivering unique, professional landscaping each and every time.

So if you’re in the Surrey, Kent or South West London areas and are wondering who will landscape my garden? Or how do I find landscapers near me? then look no further than Wonderful Gardens.

Our landscaping services are based on simple but beautiful designs including garden restorations, tree planting, remedial work such as terrace restoration or raised planting beds, and basic landscaping necessities such as turfing and grass seeding.  Our team of landscapers have a wide range of skills and attributes that ensure we have the right person for every job.

Although every landscape construction project can be different, there are several principles our landscapers follow. These include scale, balance and unity, emphasis, texture, form and colour. Each principle is interconnected with the other and our landscaping team understands the methodology and techniques involved. We then apply all these aspects to develop your garden into an outdoor living space that entices the senses.


"The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration." 

Claude Monet 

Landscape Construction & Build 

Many of our customers have said to us I want to landscape my garden and to use a local landscape gardener near me. And why not? When your project is undertaken by expert local landscaping companies such as ourselves, your garden will be constructed to the very highest standards, backed by excellent local knowledge. As with everything in life, the foundations to our gardens are built to exacting engineering standards that ensure that no matter the size, shape, expense or simplicity, your dream garden or renovation will last for years.

Materials and the expertise that go into developing any garden can be expensive and you should be prepared to understand these outlays when considering your project. In doing so, you can rest assured the work is undertaken to the best standards and using the highest possible quality materials within your investment.

Foundations are also a very important aspect to any garden project, from soil preparation for planting or turfing to concreted footings and drainage. What happens below the finished surface is often just as important as what happens above in fact.

With every project, if you appoint us as your main contractor we will design and supply your construction drawings at no additional cost. These drawings demonstrate how the more integral elements of the landscape build phase are pulled together and allows you to see the depth of the work involved in the construction of your garden. Even if we undertake the basics of landscaping projects we will have methods and processes that we follow to ensure the exacting standards you would expect.

Garden & Landscape Restoration

Garden restoration is the art of taking tired and forgotten gardens (including woodland gardens) and wild meadows and injecting life and love back into them. Indeed, colour, structure and spirit are all vital ingredients when restoring gardens of any size. Garden restoration can include aspects such as additional planting using creative planting plans, removing old spent trees and shrubs and replacing them with new and exciting specimens. You could ask us to restore your terrace or patio, decking or pathways, or even restore a water feature, pond or rill. The possibilities are endless, and when undertaken by our professional local landscape gardeners and horticulturists can get your garden back to being the wonderful, relaxing place it deserves to be.


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