Current Designs, Designed & Created by Wonderful Gardens. 


The Design Brief was to create a garden on a contemporary theme with influences of Provenance planting using Lavenders, Olives and Agapanthus. In addition, traditional planting, such as Roses and Buxus. The existing garden was void of any planting, grass or vibrancy and essentially left to fade away after a new extension.

The rear fence and summerhouse were painted with Little Green exterior paint to lift these dominant features. A designated BBQ area was also created near the intimate terrace with under-planting of Chamomile and creeping Thyme. The garden being south facing was created around planting that entices the senses with fragrances from Philadelphus, Wisteria, Honeysuckle and Trachelospermum jasminoides.

Using solid oak beams to create a curved edge that defines the two levels and mirroring one side of the garden to the other. The oak sleepers were then softened with fragrant and vibrant Lavender hidcote.


             “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Milton Glaser



Creating Depth & Structure 

Creating depth to a garden through planting comes in many forms that includes structure, colour and fragrance which are vital for a garden to flourish, and of course be enjoyed throughout the year. By adding plants that bring inspiration for each season we can enjoy the pleasure that plants and trees can bring to a garden. Imagine a summer garden without any spring or winter colour, and imagine a spring garden without a haze of summer fragrances and a hue of autumn colours.

By structuring the planting plan to include a variety of planting, including trees and seasonal inspiration the depth your garden needs will flow naturally from one season to the next, in fact you will often see changes weekly .  

Planting comes in a range of styles, colours and fragrances, so depending on our tastes, we can design a planting scheme to any palette. In addition, planting styles vary greatly and is structured around various themes, including; Cottage Gardens, Knot Gardens, Cutting Garden, Formal Gardens, Scented Gardens, Town or Urban Gardens with Contemporary Planting, Courtyard Gardens, Walled Gardens and so many more.  

Styles and themes can of course be mixed and assorted throughout your own garden, however when it comes to plants, shrubs and trees, they are a personal choice, plant what you love, what inspires you and of course, what makes you happy. 

We take inspiration from nature, combining structure against natural elements.


Seasonal Colour 

The importance of choosing a meadow that suites your garden and therefore how successful it will be, depends on many factors.

Perennial meadows thrive best in poor soils because grasses compete less with wildflowers, therefore the flowers will exceed the ratio of grass.

If you have rich or loam soil, then Corn flowers, Poppies, Cowslips and Oxeye Daises will thrive well and dominate for the first couple of seasons. However, it may be worth considering removing the top layer of soil and sowing directly into a sub-soil, although this is often not practical or cost efficient on larger areas.  For smaller areas and gardens you can change an existing border where the soil is naturally rich.

For sandy soils, you can use Oxeye daisies, Corn Poppy, Cranesbill, Yarrow, Meadow Buttercup amongst many others.

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul."

Luther Burbank

Entice Your Senses Within Your Garden


Gardens are about senses and wildflower meadows entice almost every sense through sight, sound, touch and sometimes even taste. With this comes the peace and tranquillity we lack so often in our busy lives. Surrounding yourself with natures carpet is a humbling experience and creates a prospect and refuge theory.

Developed by English Landscape Geographer, Jay Appleton, he theorised spaces we thrive to be a part of present us with immense opportunity, however we must be within a place of safety at the time. Principally, by surrounding yourself with wildflowers, grasses, water and wildlife, we heighten our senses for a place to immerse, and carry us to a place of refuge and peace.   


Turning inspiration into reality...


With the design process we like to visualise how your wildflower meadow will look and the transformation this will bring to your garden. Our design team take an image of the garden, which is augmented with computed generated images (CGI). These are edited to produce realistic compositions of your new wildflower meadow.

Just like garden design, wildflower meadows need thought, planning and some elements of design even at the basic level. The  bulbs, wildflowers and grasses may be enhanced with fruit trees, pathways, a summer house or even a pond to heighten the tranquillity these beautiful ecological meadows bring to our environment.  


"Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it."


Please take the opportunity to fill in the form opposite so we can understand what you are looking to achieve, the type of meadow you are looking for, and above all the space available to create your own little piece of nature’s carpet.

To create a wild meadow concept there may be many considerations to look at before we can set about transforming your garden, and this will include the soil type, size of area, setting, soil composition and type of flowers you love. Furthermore, you may want to include a pond, wildlife habitats, fruit trees a summer house, or even a path to allow you to roam the meadow throughout the year. You may also consider adding spring bulbs and autumn colour allowing the meadow continuous vibrancy.

Our meadow consultation will involve a detailed discussion about this and much more, including your investment expectation and maintenance requirements. We may look to undertake a quick survey to establish size and dimensions, however in many cases a detailed proposal is often required with some Augmented Reality images that shows how your wild meadow could look within the garden.

Whatever your requirements and no matter how large or small the space is, we are here to inspire, create and deliver wonderful wild meadow gardens.