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Professional Garden Designers

Designing and creating gardens is borne through a passion for design, landscapes, plants, structure, nature and gardens. We inspire our designers to think beyond the normal confines of design to create uniquely individual gardens. By ensuring we work within your investment we allow for the very best in materials and plants, which is then realised by our own team of craftsman. We offer a complete service with garden design, consultancy, planting plans, construction, installation, project management and a range of styles and themes with specialist services to realise your dream garden.

Inspired, Creative & Unique

So what is Garden Design, and why does it matter? Design is everywhere and our choices with design are reflected in everyday items such as the clothes hanging in our wardrobes, the new car we aspire to buy, the latest smartphone and gadgets we admire, the art hanging on our walls and the furniture in our homes. Design is everything and we are drawn by what excites our inner passions, what we are inspired by, and above all, what we love. Good design may be expensive but bad design is very costly. 

London is a unique city, with a diverse range and style of gardens and homes, from the contemporary and modern to Victorian terrace houses with courtyards to large open gardens in the greater London area and a variety of traditional and formal gardens that lead to a diversity of tastes and styles that can inspire us  to creating our own dream garden design. We understand garden design because we are passionate & creative garden designers finding inspiration everyday and deeply believe that good design leads to amazing gardens and above all, we are professional. 

"Design" A Method of Problem Solving

There are several principles to  Garden Design, and whilst every garden will differ, these elements are used within every project and range from scale, balance, unity, emphasis, texture, sequence, line, form and colour. Each principle or element is interconnected with the other in the process to develop your garden into an additional living space.

Gardens; "Symphonic to Our Needs"

Garden design is a way of arranging a garden so that it becomes symphonic to our needs. Garden design must take into consideration your home, fences, trees and other immovable objects. Also the view we have or if we are overlooked by neighbours, how your garden sits from sunrise to sunset, together with soil conditions and other factors these all need to be determined at the early stages of the design process.


'Good design is making something intelligible and memorable.  Great design is making something memorable and meaningful'Dieter Rams

What is Your Style?


There are an infinite range of styles to choose from, and often the process of choosing a garden design style can be mind-numbing. However, we are of course here to help, guide and talk you through the process. 

Let’s start with the basic choices available, Contemporary, Traditional, Urban or Modern, Cottage and Formal. From this we can refine the choice by looking at the size of your garden, which could be small, medium, or even extensive. Then we look at how you will use the garden and what you want from a garden. This is where at the entertaining space needed, planting, structures, sound, water, lawn space and so on. 

Where untimely start is with  asking you the question, what is your style?  Are you a contemporary type person who likes clean lines and interconnecting shapes. Or do you prefer a traditional style with formal planting with an organic feel . You may even prefer a cottage style garden with the care free lean towards planting, gravel paths, rectangular patterns and an abundance of colour and fragrance. The choices are endless and often confusing. However, there are ways of establishing your style without looking further than your home, personality and your loves that allow us to understand you.

We have several pages dedicated to principle  styles with a links below that representing each of the styles listed. This will help you gain a better understanding of the type of garden you are hoping to achieve.

Professional Garden Design Costs are a Worthy Investment


Our professional garden designs are created using the latest computer generated technologies through CGI or, computer generated imagery. Our design team is dedicated to providing unique, inspired and creative  designs. As such there are costs associated to producing individual and bespoke garden designs.  Therefore, our designs start at around £1,400.00 but can often be based on 10% - 15% of the build costs. Additionally you can recoup up to 25% of the design costs if we construct the garden for you.   However, our first initial meeting is free, and this is where we start to understand the project in more detail, so take advantage and make sure you have done your homework! Gardens are expensive, as are the craftsman that construct them and the cost to install can often be the next biggest purchase to a house. Therefore, it is important you  carefully consider the amount of investment  available and a contingency for those unforeseen items you may wish for as the project progresses. 

It is very important for us to understand the investment you want to make, and it is an investment which will improve your home, garden and lifestyle.  Understanding your investment allows us to design the garden to meet this expectation and use the best materials we can within the design and build of the garden. We do not want to underwhelm or overwhelm you with a design that is not within the boundaries of your investment. Therefore, if you have not given this consideration until now, then we recommend you start to deliberate the investment you are most comfortable with. 

Once we have met and considered all the options available, we will create a proposal that details the elements we have discussed, together with a mood board of thoughtful images that will reflect how the garden may look once it has been completed. The design proposals include our fee for designing the garden.

The Garden Design Process

The design process starts with a conversation, which  allows us to understand what you are looking to achieve, the styles and themes that most inspire you and what your dream garden may look like with the considered investment.

After we have discussed the various aspects of the project and your availability, we will make a free consultation appointment with one of our senior designers, Annie Brown, MA, MSc, Megan Motmans UCA, or Justin Manington, Creative Director. This is the point where we view the garden, look at the current layout and consider the aspects and the ideas you have conveyed. We will offer some inspiration and look at other potential ideas that have perhaps been overlooked and help give you a visualisation of what can be achieved.

Taking detailed notes and extensive pictures  will help develop our proposals and look at the garden in terms of a survey, which is vital to ensuring the garden is designed to scale. The survey takes into consideration existing trees and plants, boundaries, structures and most important, height variations.

We then put together a detailed design proposal that features one or two augmented reality concepts. This is where we use a real photo of the garden and overlay some design imagery to give you a taste of what can be achieved. Within our proposals we set out the investment expectation, theme, the interpretation, landscape and planting strategies together with a detailed mood board of images that convey the various thoughts, ideas and inspiration behind the design. Our fee structures are based on the amount of time the design will take, together with the survey costs. 

Once you have received our proposals and had the time to review and would like to proceed, we then set our creative team of garden designers to work!


"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible"

Adding That Little Bit Extra

The Sound Of Music...

If you enjoy entertaining in your garden, then you why not consider bringing breathtaking sound with an external sound system. Imagine breathtaking sound quality that adds a new dimension to your entertaining area creating ambience and atmosphere. Turn your garden into an entertainer’s paradise with specialist sound system designed for gardens and not as expensive as you may think. Click here for more information.  


Setting The Mood...

Your garden will be a significant investment, so make the most of every aspect and discover how your garden can be transformed at night. Lighting choices are wide ranging with the use of spotlights, up/down-lighters, and step-lights, recessed, and submerged. Your garden can be changed significantly at night and add an entirely new perspective and personality with focal points not seen during the day.


Keeping Warm...

The idea of being outside with a fire burning in a specially designed fire pit, or even a shop purchased outside fireplace brings a romantic element that will change how you use your garden at night even more. From the warmth and glow on a summers evening to a cosy feeling on an autumnal day, an outside fire can be illuminating!


The Sound of Water...

Water in any form will enhance the senses whether in the form of a pond, waterfall or modern water feature. The sound of water on a hot sunny day can create a cool ambience within your garden, attract wildlife and bring further delight to your garden. Water is a fundamental part of our  environment and adding something like a small water feature can bring your garden to life. 

Explore Your Senses With Sensory Gardens

Gardens are about senses, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell and every garden should designed to encompass these to allow you to explore with each of the five senses.  Gardens also provide therapy for a wide range of conditions. Sufferers of dementia find reduced anxiety in a garden with sensory themes by stimulating the lymphatic system within the brain. This can be achieved through smelling flowers, seeing vivid colours, sounds such as birds and bees, water and through touch using different textures. Sensory gardens are hugely beneficial to people with a wide range of needs such as sufferers of ADHD, ODD, dementia, brain trauma, Autism and the elderly as well as many others. 

Take a look at some of Garden Design Themes on our other pages

Please take the opportunity to fill in the form opposite so we can understand what you are looking for and inspire you through our initial free consultation. 

After the initial consultation we produce design proposals, which includes images relating to your style, needs and investment expectation. Within our design fee we include a full site survey and topography survey if required, which sets out the scale and potential scope for the garden design. This is then plotted into AutoCAD as our outline for the design. We then spend some creative time sketching out ideas through inspired images and the design brief.  

We then plot our idea and concept into AutoCAD and when complete we then import the line drawing into PhotoShop where the design goes through a CGI process adding plants, structures, furniture and points of reference. This is further enhanced by adding shadow, embossing and detailing the design.  During the process we believe in keeping you fully informed on how the design is developing and will send you a draft concept so we can ensure we are meeting your expectations, and of course iron out any issues that may be relevant. This makes the design process interactive and ensures we deliver a design that will thrill and excite you. 

Once this is completed we then produce a 3D CGI concept image of one or two key areas of the garden allowing you to see the garden from a different prospective, this is then followed by a planting plan and subject to proceeding to the build stage, we also supply detail construction schematics.