Landscaping & Landscape Gardening


Landscape Gardening is the art of creating and making gardens look more natural, beautiful, stunning and pleasing. Landscaping conjures up a variety of thoughts and can be used when talking about Turfing, Seeding, Wild Meadows, Ponds, Garden Construction, Renovations, Garden Design & Garden Maintenance. It is the umbrella that encapsulates the world of Landscaping. 

Our teams of professional landscapers range from the construction teams on the ground to the designers who with every step of the way to create stunning gardens and landscapes. We are also proud to offer the services of professional and RHS qualified gardeners and horticulturists who will manage, maintain and develop your garden to it’s full potential. Landscaping is simply a passion and we are passionate about landscaping!

"The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration." 

Claude Monet 

There are several principles to landscaping and whilst each garden will differ, these main principles can be applied to any garden. They range from scale, balance and unity, emphasis, texture and sequence through to line, form and colour. Each principle or element is interconnected with the other during the process applied to develop your garden into a living space that entices the senses.

Where & How To Start? 

Gardens, like our homes can be expensive, and require constant maintenance and upkeep and planning every year. You may be looking for Gardeners to undertake a renovation phase  on your garden. This can involve anything from turfing to replanting, renovations, clearing and essentially nothing less than a complete overall based around what you already have in place. Alternatively you may be looking for regular general maintenance to undertake a weeding, mowing, lawn care, pruning and general upkeep.  On the other hand you may be looking for a complete redesign of your garden that changes every element you may have inherited or lived with for the last few years.  Each process is different, but entwined in the symbiotic needs to create a wonderful landscape within your garden.  

It is important you consider the service you are looking for and how much you wish to invest with any project. We are to help you find the right solution for your garden and our first initial meeting is free, and this is where we start to understand the project in more detail, so take advantage and make sure you have done your homework!

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Entice Your Senses Within Your Garden

Gardens are about senses. Every garden should encompass each of the five senses, allowing you to explore with sight, sound, touch and taste. Gardens also provide therapy for a wide range of conditions. Sufferers of dementia find reduced anxiety in a garden with sensory themes by stimulating the lymphatic system within the brain. This can be achieved through smelling flowers and seeing vivid colours, experiencing sounds such as birds, bees and water as well as touch through the use of a variety of textures. Sensory gardens are hugely beneficial to people with a wide range of needs such as sufferers of ADHD, ODD, dementia, brain trauma, autism and the elderly.

"We are able to draw on years of experince"

We  offer a one hour  free consultation  that  includes a face-to-face meeting to discuss  what you are  looking to achieve,  the ideas and thoughts of how the garden will look and be implemented.  We follow this by a detailed quotation and mood board of associated images that are representative of the proposed garden changes.

We would be absolutely delighted to talk to you and see how we can transform your garden. In the meantime please take a look at some of our other services, Landscape & Garden Design and  Garden Maintenance.