Garden & Landscape Design Portfolio 

A Beautiful Surrey Manor House 

We have an ongoing Maintenance contract with a beautiful Manor House in Surrey. 

Our project started by completely renovating a barren Rose Garden, we started the project by reconditioning the soil and general ground work around the property. This was then followed by planting many species of roses alongside an abundance of colourful and fragrant planting. 

We replanted the original beds and gave vibrancy back to a beautiful traditional English garden.

A Relaxing Woodland Garden

In the heart of Surrey, a beautiful, well established garden was lacking inspiration and purpose.

Our Clients lead busy lives so we started the process of helping them feel at one with nature. Firstly, designing a multinational Summer House which is an office area and relaxation zone. We have set the Summer House on a rotating platform within a private terrace area that would seat 2/4 people comfortably.

Within our CGI designs we created a wild meadow that sits within an orchard of a variety of fruiting trees. A tranquil area to relax and watch the sun go down whilst laying in a hammock. 

Renovations & Design Combined

In a continuing project which includes design, renovations,planting and construction we have  developed areas within a family garden. We have created new formal hedges, pathways and planting.  

This project is a continuation of the design below, 'Spring & Summer Meadow Garden Design'. 

Producing augmented reality, or CGI concepts, allows the  opportunity to see a real time photograph of how the garden and space will look after the designs are realised. 

Spring & Summer Meadow Garden Design 

We were appointed to tackle a well established garden, full of plants and trees with a recently installed swimming pool and tennis court. The garden is extensive with formal areas around the house and  informal and naturalised areas towards the boundary.

The first phase is to focus on the informal areas, we looked at two areas of bulb planting. The first under a large rhododendron border for early spring flowers and the second area for mid spring and summer flowers.

Wildlife & Educational Garden Design 

Early in 2017 we were appointed by Brogdale National Fruit Collection in Faversham,  Kent to create a wildlife and educational garden. This would help engage both young and older minds with how gardens can maintain and increase wildlife that is in decline in many of our towns, cities and villages. 

Demonstrating how nature can work with gardens in preventing pests and diseases, and an ecological approach to gardens by feeding birds, hedgehogs and of course us with a working and interactive 'Edible Garden.

Contemporary Garden Design with a Traditional Twist in The Surrey Hills


We were appointed by a client at a property on the edge of the Surrey Hills; seeking a contemporary garden with a traditional edge. 

The garden is long and sloping, therefore the area would need to be carefully designed. We included a variety of terraces to allow areas of level ground to maximise the space available. 

Our main concept was to design a garden that could gradually fade from the contemporary aspect immediately at the rear of the house to a more traditional garden at the far end using wild flowers, fruit trees and a vantage point to look back and take in the garden from a softer view. 

Traditional Walled Garden in the Heart of Kent 


In the heart of Kent we found an incredibly old walled garden belonging to a Manor House. 

This garden, historically a traditional styled walled garden, although not a great deal was known about the original planting we recreated it's beauty after the previous owners had installed a swimming pool. 

Our clients were inspired to return it to its original use, appointing Wonderful Gardens to create a garden full of colour, fragrance and structure. Our design brought joy, inspiration, peace and refuge to our clients with a garden used for cutting flowers from spring until late autumn.