Welcome to Wonderful Gardens Never Under Designed


Located in the Kent, & Surrey we are professional garden designers and experts in horticulture and garden renovations. 

Since humble beginnings, we have grown on the strength of our attention to detail, the range of services offered, the loyalty of our satisfied customers and not forgetting the absolute dedication of a qualified and experienced team. At Wonderful Gardens, we are fully committed to excellence, integrity and transparency with every project we undertake. Above all, we promise to provide a professional service every step of the way, guiding you through each detail of your project, no matter how small or how large.

For over twenty years we have worked throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey & London designing, constructing  and maintaining wonderful gardens. Coming from a variety of backgrounds including, Architecture, Commercial Garden Design for Planning, Head Gardeners, Building Development, and Creativity, we are ideally suited to help inspire our clients and deliver  exceptional service and value for money. 

Together with our external team of horticulturists and landscapers we are here to inspire and create gardens for you. 

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Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated people including Thomas Sentou, Senior Hard Landscaper, Corey McKenzie, Hard Landscaper Richard Sutton Senior Horticulturist and Rose Expert, Dag Muller, Horticulturist, Neil Chamberlain, Maintenance & Renovation Team Leader, Megan Motmans, Creative Assistant, Zara Buckley, Gardener, Jo Oldfield, Business Manager, Ashley Jane Smith, Designer,  Gabby Hopley,   Assistant  Designer   &   Justin  Manington,   Creative Director.

We are continually seeking and welcome applications from dedicated landscapers and horticulturists with a determination for high quality workmanship and attention to detail who would like to be part of a dedicated and expanding team of landscapers and horticulturists who wish to be part of an exciting and truly inspired landscape design company If this is you, then please contact our business manager, Jo Oldfield at jo@wonderful-gardens.co.uk  for more information